Fields of Work

Corporate Law and Contract Law Including European Law

We provide consulting services for enterprises, self-employed professionals, partners and shareholders, general managers, executive boards, supervisory boards, as well as controlling bodies in all legal and tax affairs in the day-to-day business, as well as with regard to more far-reaching strategies (company formation, expansion, restructuring, going public, going private, exit strategies). This includes, in particular, planning and drawing up the required articles of association, employment and service contracts for executive personnel and employees; counseling and representation in all other labor law issues; support concerning legal questions arising due to the Internet; application for and monitoring of the required trademarks and utility models (including conflicting rights); and, last but not least, processing the required contract documents for all corporate areas (materials management, development, sales, finances, personnel, EDP), including regular monitoring and updating. Finally, our expertise refers – last but not least – to the analysis, consulting and representation of your interests in a company crisis, including insolvency.

Beyond the above-mentioned internal company areas, we will represent your interests toward customers, suppliers, banks and external service providers. In particular, we will prepare and update for you all contracts with customers, suppliers and third parties (especially sales personnel and commercial agents); we will draw up and update general terms and conditions, and we will counsel and support collections, compliance and other areas which raise corporate law issues. If desired, we will work together with any already available tax consultants and management consultants.

Our consulting in corporate law and contract law always includes all aspects resulting from requirements under European law – also, in particular, antitrust law issues. Furthermore, we will provide contacts for our clients to any deciders in European institutions, if necessary; and we will prepare reports on expected developments on a European level.

Tax Law

  • Tax Law advice in all private and corporate questions, if requested also in cooperation with existing tax advisers, chartered accountants, and accounting service providers.
  • Design and implementation of tax strategies for the corporate and private spheres.
  • Preparation of tax returns.
  • Representation vis-à-vis and negotiations with tax offices and tax authorities, entering of appeals and initiation of legal action against erroneous tax assessments.
  • Representation in tax criminal proceedings.

Inheritance Law

  • Drafting and updating of last wills and testaments and inheritance contracts for entrepreneurs, individuals, and families in coordination with existing family and corporate advisers as well as banks. Consideration and, if necessary, definition of tax strategies and family objectives necessitated by the inheritance.
  • Design and implementation of (corporate and private) succession arrangements.
  • Negotiations with estate courts, authorities, and banks in inheritance cases; assumption of estate execution duties (fully or partially).
  • Enforcement of claims arising from Inheritance Law (distributive shares, estate distribution, legal portions, legacies, conditions, etc.).
  • Preparation of the required inheritance tax returns.
  • Execution of wills, attendance to trust matters arising from Inheritance Law.

Assets Structure Consulting

We will analyze the structure of both your operating assets and your private assets; we will review and prepare investment strategies, monitor and coordinate the activities of your existing banks and financial service providers; if necessary, we will provide alternatives. And at regular, predefined intervals, we will review (crucial in our opinion) the economic efficiency of strategies after taxes and costs.

Industrial Investments – Project Financing

Worldwide, we will plan and design your strategic industrial investments and project financing in terms of all crucial legal, tax and financial aspects. This relates not only to external investments beyond the given corporate objectives, but also to investments and project financing for the development of new markets and the marketing of innovative products. In this respect, we will utilize our well-proven network over many years to political deciders and independent bankers.