Offered Services – Policy and Working Principles

We provide consultations for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals in a variety of commercial sectors and business sizes, as well as for private and institutional investors. Additionally, we are working for clients and families who also want professional services and assistance in private matters concerning their legal, tax, and assets affairs.

Our firm designs valuable strategies encompassing all significant economic and tax law subjects, including significant financial capital market issues. Together with our clients, we consistently implement these strategies – notwithstanding day-to-day political currents or populist tendencies. Our firm’s objective is to realize the maximum possible financial and strategic results for our clients and together with them.

We are attorneys under German law. We prefer working under this legal form since it opens up optimum rooms for maneuver, i.e. flexibility and options. Our consulting and project experience goes far beyond the classical legal and tax consulting fields. In addition to our expertise in legal and tax consulting, our clients have been profiting for many years from practical management experience which Dr. Schwab and his network partners had been able to gain in various functions.

Large, traditional law firms certainly have their advantages; but they are frequently inflexible, not very (cost) effective and complex in structure. In contrast, we put forward our lean, efficient, low-cost and powerful structure which is not limited to purely legal aspects. Costs will be incurred not for our service organization as a whole but only for the specifically utilized resources in each concrete case. Our clients will always have only one contact – unless otherwise requested.

Our firm is headquartered in Munich. Depending on project requirements in the individual case, we will operate worldwide.

Longer-term client and project work – which we prefer – is like the freestyle program of our work, or the icing on the cake, so to speak. But we are also additionally available to you with our ‘compulsory program’ – i.e. for isolated, individual questions regarding all areas of the day-to-day legal and economic business.

We are not the average, mainstream attorneys for everybody. With our broad range of expertise, we successfully achieve results with our clients – against the tide.